Training Topics Available

Introduction to Handguns


This class is designed for the novice first time shooter. It will provide an overview of handgun safety, operating principals, maintenance and safe storage. Students will receive proper handgun training prior to heading to the range utilizing high end air soft pistiols or SIRT Training pistols. The will then transition to live fire with a variety of handgun types to obtain a good overview of handgun operations

Basic to Advanced Tactical Pistol


Depending on which class is presented, students will be exposed to a variety of handgun shooting techniques that will include a variety of shooting positions, how to utilize a barricade, shooting on the move, multiple targets, emergency and tactical  reloads, low light shooting and more.

Basic to Advanced Carbine


Similar to the handgun classes, students will be exposed to basic through advanced techniques primarily using the AR-15 platform. However, other rifles may also be utilized in the class

Home Defense Tactics


This class takes place at your residence and will show you techniques to properly search and clear your residence. You will be presented with different scenarios and given options on how to safely deal with them. You will learn how to develop a plan with your family to deal with emergencies. Safe storage of your weapons will also be covered.

Police Academy Preparation


This course is restricted to law enforcement academy recruits who wish to improve their skills in order to pass the Academy Firearms Qualification Tests. This course is based on principals taught in LD 35

Force on Force Tactical Training


This is an advanced course that will present the student with actual deadly force situations. Students will utilize proper safety gear and train with either air sift or UTM training ammunition. Role players will be experience law enforcement personnel that will give the students a challenging training environment.

Firearms Safety for Young Adults


This course is designed for mature young adults who wish to learn safe and proper handling techniques for firearms in a controlled environment. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children. For younger students not ready for live fire, the training can be conducted with air soft guns. (BKTG reserves the right to stop class due to immaturity levels of the students)

Private One on One Coaching


Every shooter. from basic to advanced can benefit from one-on-one analysis of their shooting technique. This class will provide suggestions for improvement and try to fine tune techniques that are already working. Shooters can bring either handgun or carbines to the session. Extensive use of video will be used.

Custom Training


Contact the BKTG Staff if you have a particular interest in which you require additional training that may not be mentioned above. If we can provide what you are looking for we will design a program to meet your needs.

Glock Preventive Maintenance (Armorer Service)


It is a good idea to have your pistol checked on a regular basis to ensure everything is in good working order. All BKTG Staff members are certified Glock armorers.