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About Us

Black Knight Training Group was formed to provide instruction to law abiding citizens, law enforcement and military personnel in the use of firearms. The level of training available for these groups ranges from introductory basic courses to advanced tactical training.

The name of the company comes from my time in the United States Army and is in honor of the Army Black Knights.

Black Knight training Group will provide custom training and design courses around the needs of our customers to better develop their firearms and tactical proficiency. We provide training to individuals and law enforcement personnel and have even trained platoon sized military units.

Black Knight Training Group understands that not everyone who owns a gun wishes advanced tactical training, so we design classes for the novice first time shooter, the homeowner for personal and family protection and for mature young adults who are just now learning firearms fundamentals and safety.

We take a special interest in preparing our future law enforcement officers with the tools they need to pass the police academy and succeed in their careers. Whatever we can do to help, we will.

Contact Black Knight Training Group to discuss available and custom courses and see what we can do to make you a better shooter. 



Currently there are no group classes scheduled. Please check back for future dates

Please contact Black Knight Training to inquire about scheduling a private or small group lesson. The training topics can be customized to suit your needs.

Private training is conducted at Coyote Valley Sporting Clays utilizing one of their private pistol ranges.

CPR/First Aid training will be conducted at an agreeable location of your choosing. 


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